How to Plan a Website by Lisa Irby

Hi everyone!

I'm Lisa. I started this site because I get so many questions about the pre-planning phase of creating a website.

It's so easy to jump right into building a site, but you need to educate yourself first.

Planning a website is important, especially if you want to make money. Don't just jump into this process without doing some homework.

If this is your first website, the process may seem overwhelming. You're probably wondering things like...

1) How much does a website cost?

2) Do I have the necessary skills?

3) What about copyright laws?

4) Do I need a blog and a website and/or which is better?

5) Do I have to pay taxes on money I make?

All of these questions and much more will be answered on this site. In fact, if you want to learn more about why I created this site check the About page.

I cannot emphasize this enough. Before you take the plunge and start your first site or blog, make sure you spend some time here gathering the facts. Don't rush over to 2 Create a Website to begin your site until you've read everything here.

2 Plan a Website Video Introduction

Brainstorming is So Important

People underestimate the importance of the brainstorming step when starting a website. If you are trying to make money online, it's important to create a site that satisfies the demand for your niche.

In other words, you want to target keywords that people are searching for in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Review this article for tips on finding your niche. Also find out why you should learn how sites build traffic before you begin brainstorming on the kinds of features you want your site to have.

Don't Ignore The Mistakes

Pay special attention to the Common Mistakes section where I write about the many blunders people make with building online stores, choosing a topic and their overall expectations about making money.

These articles were written from my own personal experience with my sites and feedback I've received from other people like yourself who want to build a successful site. You can learn a lot from the people that came before you.

Lisa's Tip:

If you can absorb the preliminary information on this site, you will have a huge advantage because most people rush and don't take the time to plan and educate themselves before they begin.

If your goal is to make money with a website or blog, absorb the content on this site like a sponge.




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